Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elk in Swings



These are some pictures and a couple videos from an elk stuck in a swing set in Benezette. If you have been watching my dad’s site you should know about this elk. We found it stuck in the chains from a swing set and it was in that swing set for about 4 hours. In the second picture the elk's eye looks a little funky but it is alright the guy from the game commission said its working just fine. I got to shoot my dad’s D90 and his big 80-400 lens it made me feel very special. I will be doing a post on my blog every Tuesday and Thursday. I hope you guys like the pictures and feel free to comment on them. That’s it for now, Shane.


Brad Myers said...

Great job Shane especially for the first time using the D90. The photos came out great and I had fun spending four days up north with you.

bobshank said...

Hi Shane! The D90 is a great camera, but the photographer has to be good too and you are! It was great getting to meet you last week and I really like your photos. You even inspired James to start his own blog which is very cool. I hope to see up on the elk range again soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great photos and video. Keep up the good work.

Woody said...

Good Photos Shane, you definatley have your dad's talent when it comes to photography.