Thursday, August 27, 2009


Hey there everybody, these are some pictures of the wild horses out inn Assateauge. I thought it was kind of cool that the horses would stand right beside the ocean. I am hoping that my family or boy scout troop can go down there and camp on the beach. This is the same place where we saw the sika elk which some of you might remember from older posts. It's a neat place if you haven't been there you should go some time they have a junior ranger program there because it is a National Park. In the junior ranger program you get learn about how the horses got there and how to go crabbing and a bunch of other neat stuff. that's it for now, Shane.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Elk in Swings

These are some pictures and a couple videos from an elk stuck in a swing set in Benezette. If you have been watching my dad’s site you should know about this elk. We found it stuck in the chains from a swing set and it was in that swing set for about 4 hours. In the second picture the elk's eye looks a little funky but it is alright the guy from the game commission said its working just fine. I got to shoot my dad’s D90 and his big 80-400 lens it made me feel very special. I will be doing a post on my blog every Tuesday and Thursday. I hope you guys like the pictures and feel free to comment on them. That’s it for now, Shane.