Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fight! Fight! Fight!

This is from the same game as the last picture I showed you. In the end of the 2nd this fight broke loose after one of there players either elbowed or boarded one of Harrisburg's players. Notice how my dad came in to be a part of it, that made me laugh. There was only one player kicked out for this and it was for the "third-man-in" rule. That means if Sindey "crysbaby" Crosby and I were fighting and John Erskine comes out of nowhere to help beat up crysbaby, Erskine would be taken out of the game.


Sparky said...

Tell your Dad to stay out of the fights, he is getting to old.

Anonymous said...

Crosby isn't a crysbaby and he would kill you in a fight and you don't have to know who thus is because I think you already know who this is but I like the pictures.

Shane Myers said...

Your tough, jon